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RINO McCain Rebuts Ted Cruz

Just when you thought that John McCain couldn’t get any more RINO than he is, he manages to top himself. Once again, he has shown his disdain not only for the Republican party, but for the American people as well. Sounds like the kind of guy Harry Reid could work with. Wouldn’t you know…


Obamacare Will Crush the Working Poor

I was going to call this article Working Poor Blindsided by Obamacare, but that wouldn’t have been accurate. This is something that was known for the last few years, but all it took was for John Roberts to be off his meds for one day and the economy literally will fall apart as a result. […]

Add Obamacare to the List of Scandals

You can pick any agency, any policy, any employee, and if you haven’t arrived outright, any of those things will lead you to stunning corruption, which has become the hallmark of the Obama regime. As the Glenn Beck’s and the Alex Jones’ of the world start to look more and more reasonable, all of the […]

Supreme Court Delivers Death Blow

We already knew how the four Obama minions were going to vote. We also knew that this would go largely along ideological lines. Well, we thought we knew, but Monday was an indication that things weren’t what they seemed. For the second time this week, the Supreme Court has handed Barack Obama powers no other […]

Obama Blows Hot Air at Governors

Once again, Barack Obama has solidified his position as the nanny tyrant, making it clear that he will impose on America as he sees fit, no matter what the people think.

Obama lectured state governor’s today, telling them that yes, they can come up with their own health care plan as an alternative for Obamacare, […]

Death Panels Dropped One More Time

Remember, they just got caught trying to sneak this thing through. If they can find another way to insert it, they will. With Obamacare facing legal challenges from all quarters as it is, a macabre requirement that was dropped from the original bill has been killed off yet again. But as we have seen with […]