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Obama Inserts Death Panels By Decree

Although the Democrats wanted to do this on the sly and avoid another firestorm, they won’t be able to: The cats out of the bag. They must still be living in the days when people weren’t paying attention. News flash for Dems: We’re paying attention.

As Obamacare was being rammed down the throat of America […]

Obama Showing Little Will to Compromise

That doesn’t mean he isn’t going ahead with this agenda; he’s just going to bypass congress if he can. He’s given up hope that cap and tax will be passed now. Obama knows he no longer has the votes to pass such a scheme, but ironically it was his bumbling that prevented it from being […]

Did Obamacare Kill Amnesty?

Miracles do happen, and this may be one of them. You can’t just alienate an entire country, along with a party that represents a huge chunk of that country, destroy careers of those that supported you from day one and expect to continue a destructive agenda. That’s not to say Barry won’t try.

Immigration reform […]

Health Care Passage Paves The Way For Rest Of Agenda

We already know all the arguments over the health care bill so there’s no use in going over that again. If you don’t know what they are, several blogs on the right can fill you in.

Here are the consequences of Bart Stupak bowing to his Marxist king. Now that they have this thing passed, […]

Democrats To Kill Obamacare?

Now we see why Barack Obama wants a straight up or down vote for his health care takeover plan. He just doesn’t have the support to do it the right way.

Ignoring the American people, ignoring Republicans-and the Americans voters they represent, ignoring anybody and anything that stand in the way of his 21st century […]

Health Care Summit A Sham As Expected

They shot the bull for 7 hours, absolutely nothing was accomplished, and the Democrats are going ahead with their plan without the GOP…or the American people.

Everyone knew this would be a circus and it did not disappoint. If anyone still doesn’t have a clue about what the Democrats are offering, you can find it […]