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Herman Cain Exposes Islam-Again

Unfortunately, his campaign fell into slimy politician mode shortly afterwards. One of the things that endears Herman Cain to voters is his off the cuff style, and say what he means approach. Of course, with such an approach, there’s plenty of damage control that needs to be done, but in the case of Islam, the […]

No No No for 999?

At least the man has a plan, and maybe it’s the conviction of the plan that has catapulted Herman Cain to the top of polls. But could the 999 plan that Cain has been promoting from the start be his ultimate downfall? Could it actually propel Barack Obama into a second term?


Candidates Being Chosen for the People?

The Republican 2012 presidential field looks to be crowded this year, and no clear front runner has emerged as of yet. Maybe because of the potential crowd, including those that have yet to commit, or maybe…the media is choosing candidates for us, and as in the past, those candidates are less than exciting. I suppose […]

Herman Cain Slams Creeping Sharia

Well if Herman Cain means what he says, then my vote goes to him 2012. He is one of the few presidential contenders to stand up to Islam. There will be no prayer rugs in a Herman Cain administration, and that has CAIR up in arms.

The terror supporting, sharia pimping, anti American Muslim Brotherhood […]