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Obama Not Through With Arizona

Thanks to the Supreme Court’s dismal misapplication of the law and reckless disregard for the Constitution, the Obama regime now has free reign to do the same. Refusal to enforce the law and then breaking the very laws that have they have sworn to uphold, you would think that the regime has had their day […]

DOJ Defends Voter Fraud In Florida

Keep in mind these are the same folks that cried foul with the hanging chad fiasco. There will be election fraud this fall, and the feds are going to make sure of it. I’ve spoken before about the numbers of illegal aliens that vote in this country, and you can be sure all of them […]

Issa Exposes Napolitano on Phony Border Numbers

Thus far, the left has dictated what the core issues have been for Republican presidential candidates this season. It has worked out even better than planned, with Republicans going off the rails on their own and saving Barack Obama from doing unnecessary campaigning. Not only have they lost focus on the real target, Barack Obama, […]

Obama Dodges Drug Runner

Since the mainstream media refuses to address the obvious, I guess it’s up to me again to point out how ridiculously porous our borders are. Most people in the United States-certainly anybody in California, and certainly in Los Angeles knew that Barack Obama was in town and that airspace in the city was severely restricted. […]

Rand Paul Detained by TSA

Anyone that has taken a flight in the United States in the last several years knows the kind of buffoons that are running the asylum. Pedophiles at the TSA routinely pat down children, wheel chair bound seniors endure the humiliation of having their body fluids spilled on the airport floor, goons with fake ID’s fly […]

Arizona to Build Their Own Border Fence

It’s just a symbolic gesture at this juncture, but you have to start somewhere. Arizona has already started, and they are doing what the federal government is refusing to do; build a border fence. In the end though, it may be the feds once again that build the proverbial legal fence to keep Arizona from […]