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ICE Trucking in Illegal Aliens

When Barack Obama decreed amnesty for the DREAM children-and anybody that claimed to be, it was outrageous, it was illegal, and it was defacto amnesty. That was just the appetizer though. Apparently, all a would be illegal alien has to do now is show up at the border, and they will be given transportation deep […]

Sexual Harassment At ICE Exposed

As if the case for smaller, more accountable government hadn’t already been made over the last 3+ years, we have yet another episode of malfeasance that only came to light when victims were forced to put their careers on the line. We are continually lectured about tolerance and acceptance and routinely lambasted for not laying […]

Crime Pays For Illegal Aliens

Not only did the Obama regime not put up a fight, but they rewarded criminals for their efforts. There is no such thing as violating the constitutional rights of illegal aliens, but for an activist judge, the law has very little to do with what they perceive to be their role. As far as they’re […]

ICE Sets Up Hotline To Assist Illegal Aliens

With 2012 voter registration ramping up, the fact is, illegal aliens play a bigger role in America’s elections than most would want to admit. The primary beneficiaries of such fraud is almost always Democrats. With promises of amnesty and freebies courtesy the American taxpayer, Barack Obama is going to make darn sure those potential voters […]

Open Borders Goon Attacks HALT Act

I say this on a regular basis: While our attention is diverted elsewhere, the open borders goons are ferociously working to make sure the border stays a sieve and as many illegal aliens pour into the United States, to work, reproduce…and vote. And don’t think that ethnic cleansing isn’t part of the equation for some. […]

Lamar Smith Seeks to H.A.L.T. Defacto Amnesty

At first glance, it seems like a waste of time passing a law to stop someone who is breaking laws already on the book. That’s all we have for now, and grudgingly, better than nothing.

In lieu of Congress actually passing an amnesty bill, something they could have done for two full years, the Obama […]