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IPCC Fraud Too Much For India

India is an emerging economic power, and they aren’t about to destroy themselves based on a scam that has no basis in reality.

As if the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) wasn’t in flames already, this blow in theory should finish them off. Backed by the United Nations however, they may give the appearance […]

Climate Fraudsters Admit Their Data Is Bogus

The truth has to be dragged out of them kicking and screaming, but I say…let ’em scream.

After the comical collapse at the Copenhagen conference on climate change, which was really just a socialist front whose real agenda was wealth redistribution, it seemed as though the jig was up. With the revelations coming from the […]

Climate Change Fraudsters In Damage Control

I just want to make a clarification. In past posts I indicated that the IPCC servers had been hacked. In fact, it was the servers at the University of East Anglia‚Äôs Climatic Research Unit. The story is exactly the same though. Many of the network of scientists that contribute their bogus data to the CRU […]

AP Continues To Spew Global Warming Lie

Global warming is a myth and a fraud. The whole world knows it now, except, apparently, the AP.

As if the IPCC never had their e-mail system hacked into, the AP continues to report on the absolute inevitability of global warming, and the only way to deal with it is to spend money. That’s right. […]

Climate Czar To Continue Global Warming Hoax

This should be proof once and for all that Barack Obama is using the global warming hoax as a cover for something more nefarious. What would that be? The transfer of your wealth to the socialist (or communist) power structure, and control of your behavior.

Just days after the IPCC had their e-mail system hacked […]