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IG Assessment: IRS Bumbling Thugs

The IRS is ready to take you down if you don’t find a way to log into the ultra-hackable Obamacare website, but as they police how your house will be run, they can’t even get their own house in order. Buffoons with an agenda is not a disparagement in this case, it’s descriptively accurate.


IRS Mirrors Administration Arrogance

This news is even worse than it appears on the surface. As the unmitigated corruption of the Obama regime is bared like a cancer to the world, they continue to reward their thugs and dare anyone to do anything about it. They have only past experience to conclude whether they can actually get away with […]

Obama Regime Awash in Corruption

Is anyone surprised? We have Benghazi, Fast and Furious, an out of control criminal, racist Justice Department, Homeland security that, when they aren’t putting out the welcome mat at the border are trading those mats for prayer rugs, the attack dogs at the EPA, Obamacare that is crashing even before full implementation, chronic unemployment that […]