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Easter Bunny Wreaks Havoc On Islam

The first amendment guarantees the free exercise of religion, but if the creeping specter of Islam has their way, just the activities of those that practice religion will be banned. Not only religious activities, but any activity that might offend Allah.


National Park Service Pimps Islam

Noone in their right mind actually believes that Islam is the religion of peace. That said, a pro Islam video put together by the United States government is clearly aimed at two main demographic profiles: those that do not follow the news, and children.


Obama Revels in Ramadan Feast

No doubt this is Barack Obama’s favorite time of year. This is where he can be openly Muslim and the American people will be none the wiser. From lauding the call to prayer as the prettiest sound he’s ever heard to granting visas to Muslim extremists, none of that can compare to the opportunity for […]

WTC Topped Off With Islamic Minaret

For us Americans that still remain in this country, expect to see the fall of the United States in a way we never could have imagined. Losing the country is devastating enough, but the manner in which it is happening just adds insult to injury. But I digress. I said the Americans that still remain […]

Religion of Peace Defiles Boston

After the horror, the grief and then the anger, the first thing that came to my mind was religion of peace. What do you know, right again. The fringe extremists that the clueless dhimmis are constantly apologizing for have enveloped Islam, and they have their signts set on the rest of the world.


Obama Submits the CIA to Islam

The swearing in hasn’t even occurred yet and already we are seeing the kind of damage Barack Obama intends to inflict on America. If national security wasn’t already damaged with Obama at the helm, what he has in store now will totally obliterate any sense of security we thought was left. Those that would impose […]