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Did Muslims Discover America?

Of course not. But now that it is clear that America is not the country it once was, there are those that want to stake a claim to it. We know that there are significant number of Hispanics that feel this is their land, which was once part of the mythical Aztlan. There is the […]

America Offers Political Jizya to Islam

Is this a coincidence? On another day, talking about another regime in another time you could make a case. But we’re talking about the Obama regime, and as I’ve said before, actions speak louder than words. As if the words alone weren’t enough to make you cringe, get a load of the actions.


Obama Places Islam on a Pedestal

It’s pretty easy to tear apart just about anything Barack Obama says, because he is in the unenviable position of having to hide his real agenda. But when he’s implementing that agenda as aggressively as he is, it’s impossible to hide it for long. Put him in front a bunch of crackpots like the goons […]

CNN Strokes Islam, Bashes America

I caught some of this story on CNN, which is always on one of the televisions at the gym. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and felt the need to once again dismantle a specious argument coming from the left. Islam, in its current form is as dangerous in a cultural way as it […]

The Abedin Effect

Where have we seen this before? Abercrombie being sued for not conforming. Hertz being sued for not conforming. Electrolux being sued for not conforming. Oklahoma being sued for not conforming. School districts being sued for not conforming. State DMV’s being sued for not conforming. And once again, Disney being sued for not conforming. This isn’t […]

Arab Spring Show Their True "Colors"

If you recall, the so-called Arab spring started with a spark in Tunisia, and like a virus quickly spread across the Middle East. Barack Obama couldn’t hide his giddiness as formerly suppressed hardline Islamists were now free to spew their vituperative rhetoric. Anyone with even a little common sense could see that this wouldn’t end […]