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Jan Brewer Issues Her Own Executive Order

It’s safe to say that Barack Obama would never sign an executive order like this. As a result, there will likely be consequences. So far, we have exactly one Republican in the United States that is willing to stand up to Obama and his country destroying, illegal actions. A member of congress? A candidate for […]

Jan Brewer Pushes For Action on SB 1070

The wheels of justice turn slowly. A little too slowly for Jan Brewer, so she has decided to accelerate the pace. But in the United States, justice basically consists of getting a judge that agrees with you. Hopefully for Arizona, and the rest of the nation, the Supreme Court will agree with her.

When SB […]

S.B. 1070 Part Of State Department Human Rights Report

I’ve said before that Barry Soetoro wants to turn the sovereignty of the United States over to some kind of international authority. You think that’s rhetoric? Check this out.

As if it weren’t outrageous enough that the State Department submitted a report to the U.N. chronicling human rights abuses in the United States, the report, […]