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Janet Napolitano Targets California Universities

And for California, the self inflicted hits just keep on coming. The beleaguered state couldn’t have made a worse choice if they had hand picked it. Well, as it turns out they did hand pick a proven, inept buffoon to run the California UC system. One more nail in the coffin.


Sexual Harassment At ICE Exposed

As if the case for smaller, more accountable government hadn’t already been made over the last 3+ years, we have yet another episode of malfeasance that only came to light when victims were forced to put their careers on the line. We are continually lectured about tolerance and acceptance and routinely lambasted for not laying […]

Issa Exposes Napolitano on Phony Border Numbers

Thus far, the left has dictated what the core issues have been for Republican presidential candidates this season. It has worked out even better than planned, with Republicans going off the rails on their own and saving Barack Obama from doing unnecessary campaigning. Not only have they lost focus on the real target, Barack Obama, […]

Border Patrol Releases Most Captured Illegal Aliens

We already knew the Obama immigration policy was a sham, but to see it in black and white is disturbing none the less. An amnesty bill would add enough voters to the rolls in this country to shift the country permanently to the left in a few election cycles. Homeland Security is going to make […]

GAO Confirms Secure Border a Myth

The Department of Homeland Security would have us believe that the drug war raging at the Mexican border is due in part to increased border security. I would propose something a little closer to reality. The drug routes into the United States are so wide open, so lucrative, that it’s worth the fight. Meanwhile, anybody […]

James Clapper Implodes Once Again

Bunkerville has the story. I’m just going to tear the guy apart. Janet Napolitano may be the most inept, buffoonish, dangerous dolt ever to run security for any country, but she has some competition. Meet James Clapper. Napolitano makes horrible decisions, the type that have permanently damaged this country. Clapper is just a flatline. Literally, […]