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California Hemorrhaging Jobs

And the trend will continue because Democrats in the state are stunningly clueless as to the effects their policies have on the state. California has eclipsed the definition of crazy and has moved into the realm of self-destruction.


California Legalizes Illegal Alien Drivers

I’ve spoken many times about the new America. An America that is unrecognizable from the America we know today. An America that looks more like a foreign country. And if you want to know what that will look like, buckle up and take a gander at California.


California Facing More Tax Hikes

If you want to see if socialism works, if social justice is a valid societal pursuit, you need look no further than California for the answer. What Barack Obama is implementing across the rest of the country is already entrenched in California, and the results speak for themselves.


Socialist Checks and Balances in California

Remember earlier this year when a gaggle of California politicians headed to Texas to find out what Rick Perry’s secret was for creating jobs? They took some ideas back with them. California governor Jerry Brown has signed the final portion of the state’s own DREAM Act, the would allow illegal aliens to attend college, compliments […]

California Death Spiral

Well, this is what the voters wanted, and damn if they aren’t getting it. Jerry moonbeam Brown promised to destroy California, and if nothing else, he’s true to his word. Why there are those that would celebrate the demise of a once great state is anybody’s guess, but the celebration is occurring.


California Kids in States’ Crosshairs

California is a gutter of social experimentation. Staggering unemployment, businesses being chased out of the state, and an educational system that guarantees that particular trend will continue. We have plastic bag bans, light bulb bans, mylar balloon bans, red light cameras, Happy Meal toy bans, no smoking bans, restaurant calorie disclosure laws, sanctuary cities, prisoners […]