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Joe Arpaio Starting to Falter

As America descends into a third world socialist utopia, one of the last vestiges of what this country was-and should be is starting to falter. After years of withering pressure from an illegitimate regime in Washington, the new America is taking shape in Arizona.


Joe Arpaio Now A Convicted Criminal

Of course, that depends on what your definition of criminal is. The open borders crowd couldn’t have done it alone. Lucky for them they have allies at every level to assist in the suicidal agenda. As a result, law and order patriots are under attack, and with amnesty on the table in Washington, there won’t […]

Plot To Assassinate Joe Arpaio Foiled

When Barack Obama illegally decreed amnesty several weeks ago, the argument was that DHS could focus on the hardcore criminals and not expend valuable resources on the rank and file border crosser. One of the many problems with that line of thinking is that we would have to wait for an illegal alien to actually […]

Feds Turn The Screws On Joe Arpaio

This is like the Corleone family cracking down on Joe Friday. Those who are the criminals, who are the traitors, who engage in murderous plots, who engage in racial profiling themselves, who flout the Constitution as if it didn’t exist are hammering Arizona once again, this time summing up their attack on the premier sheriff […]

Joe Arpaio Targeted For Recall

For those that think things have calmed down, that there is lull in the attack on Arizona, guess again. The feds are all over the state, from opposing SB 1070 to suing the Tucson School District for making it difficult for illegal aliens to find employment. They’ve also attacked Arizona in a bid to force […]

Illegal Alien Detention Centers Becoming Country Clubs

You would think that someone caught crossing into the United States illegally would go to jail and spend some unpleasant days thinking about their crime before being deported back to their country of origin. Well, they may or may not go to jail, but even if they do, it may be a better life than […]