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Feds Never Had A Case Against Arpaio

The Feds have been caught with their pants down, but since their emperor has no clothes either, they are undeterred.

Eric Holder and co. are engaged in the public lynching of the state of Arizona for unspecified crimes against humanity. The same Justice Department that coddled the New Black Panthers and hire Muslim terror sympathizers […]

Feds Tearing The Flesh From Arizona

As far as the Obama regime is concerned, you’ll get amnesty, and you’ll like it. Like a brutal guard in a Russian gulag, the feds are torturing the great state of Arizona to show the other 49 states what could happen to them for daring to fight illegal immigration.

With an activist judge legislating from […]

Joe Arpaio For Governor?

Marxists and RINO’s alike, get out of the way because 2010 is around the corner. For the Newt Gingrich/Michael Steele crowd that think you have to pander to interests that are not your own, guess again.

It appears as though Arizona voters have just about had it, not only with wack job Democrats, but RINO […]

ICE Guts Enforcement Program

Well, that didn’t take long. It’s only been a few days since the racist Hispanic Caucus sent a letter to Barack Obama demanding that the successful 286g program, which ICE has used in concert with local law enforcement agencies to round up illegal aliens, be scrapped. Well it hasn’t been scrapped, but it has been […]