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Justice Department Cracks Down On Schools

And by default American school children and the taxpayers that fund their education. Whether making up laws to suit them or ignoring laws they disagree with, the liberal faction of America is doing irreparable harm-something they apparently don’t mind doing to their children.


Eric Holder Urges Defiance Of The Law

How Eric Holder has managed to stay out of prison almost defies logic. Almost. On the contrary, while breaking every law he can find and flat out ignoring the ones the doesn’t care about he’s decided to spread his message of constitutional contempt across the nation. He’ll start off by asking nicely though.


DOJ Targets City of Lancaster

Good luck to the city of Lancaster. Arizona had the nerve to stand up to the hyper-criminal Justice Department and got no backup whatsoever, so the odds of this city getting their proverbial heads handed to them unfortunately looks like a real possibility.


Univision Slaps Obama Around

They’re still going to vote for him, but they just want him to know that la raza is not going to take no for an answer much longer. It all comes down to which candidate will set the table facilitating one of their own getting into the White House. Then you’ll see change that not […]

DOJ Defends Voter Fraud In Florida

Keep in mind these are the same folks that cried foul with the hanging chad fiasco. There will be election fraud this fall, and the feds are going to make sure of it. I’ve spoken before about the numbers of illegal aliens that vote in this country, and you can be sure all of them […]

Issa Exposes Napolitano on Phony Border Numbers

Thus far, the left has dictated what the core issues have been for Republican presidential candidates this season. It has worked out even better than planned, with Republicans going off the rails on their own and saving Barack Obama from doing unnecessary campaigning. Not only have they lost focus on the real target, Barack Obama, […]