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Texas Voter ID Law Under Scrutiny

The open borders/race baiting/Marxist/occupod machine in the United States does not have anywhere near the power of the average, common sense American. What is disconcerting is that the Obama contingent has made substantial leaps and bounds in transforming America into a leftist abattoir that by design, will destroy the foundation the country was built on […]

Judge Castrates South Carolina Immigration Law

The state of South Carolina is in play for Barack Obama in 2012. This might not be the case under ordinary circumstances, but currently, America is far from ordinary. In fact, I could argue that America isn’t 100 percent, especially when it comes to elections. An activist district court judge is making sure it stays […]

Panicking Eric Holder Plays The Race Card

Of all the left wing crackpots that troll the United States, few are as vile and disgusting as Eric Holder. After accusing Americans of being cowards for being too timid to confront race issues, he has now used the tired old race card in an attempt to shut the mouths of those that criticize him […]

Feds Turn The Screws On Joe Arpaio

This is like the Corleone family cracking down on Joe Friday. Those who are the criminals, who are the traitors, who engage in murderous plots, who engage in racial profiling themselves, who flout the Constitution as if it didn’t exist are hammering Arizona once again, this time summing up their attack on the premier sheriff […]

DEA Laundering Money for Drug Cartels

More fuel for the fire on Thursday. As if shipping guns to Mexican cartels-and then lying about it, suing companies and school districts that refuse to succumb to sharia law, attacking states that dare to stand up to illegal immigration, dropping charges against baton wielding Black Panthers at a polling place, refusing to enforce civil […]

Utah Immigration Law Under Attack

Open borders. One world government. Social justice. Reconquista.. Fraudulent voters. Most likely an obscene combination of all of those things. America’s borders are all but non-existent, and if a border jumper happens to stake their claim in this country, they have the full protection of Barack Obama’s Justice Department. Of course, they’ll have to run […]