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America Offers Political Jizya to Islam

Is this a coincidence? On another day, talking about another regime in another time you could make a case. But we’re talking about the Obama regime, and as I’ve said before, actions speak louder than words. As if the words alone weren’t enough to make you cringe, get a load of the actions.


Obama Regime Doubles Down on Foreign Policy Failure

If indeed some poor quality internet film caused massive protest and riots across the Muslim world, then woe to us all if a Muslim reads this blog. Although I haven’t raked Mohammed across the coals like this film apparently did, I’ve had plenty to say about Islam in general. As far as I know, nothing […]

Obama Foreign Policy Failure in Action

Or a stunning victory, depending on who you ask. If the reaction of Obama and his half Muslim lesbian sidekick Hillary are any indicator this was a prime event in which to apologize for America once again. And apologize they did. Obama may as well have provided the matches that burned American flags all over […]

Gadhaffi Death Perfectly Timed

I say, give credit where credit is due. Apparently, Barack Obama doesn’t feel the same way. He has no problem taking credit for somebody else’s plan. Well, why not? Taking credit for his own plans would be a disaster. That’s all right Barry, I’ll give you all the credit you deserve.


al-Qaeda Joins the United Nations

I’m not the first person to suggest that Barack Obama is not only taking orders from the United Nations, but that ultimately, he may run for Secretary General of the corrupt, socialist dictrocracy. As self-destructive as they are dangerous, their latest move, facilitated by all the resources Barack Obama could heap upon them (courtesy the […]

Obama Hands Libya to al-Qaeda

While the bitching and moaning over how much more money we can spend rages in Washington, the United States the Obama regime has given an entire country to the enemies that we are supposedly at war with.

Despite the fact that the Libyan rebels are soaked in Hezbollah and al-Qaeda thugs, the administration has given […]