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Los Angeles Flooded With Illegal Aliens

If you want an accurate picture of what America will look like in the near future, just take a look at Los Angeles. When word gets out that illegal aliens are welcome, the population explodes in those areas, and results are devastating. Coming to your town soon.


Los Angeles Displays Shameful Voter Apathy

I’ve spoken many times about how California was headed straight into the toilet. The city of Los Angeles is part of that, and if the mayoral election on Tuesday is any indicator, the state as a whole has nothing on this city.


Los Angeles Being Bamboozled For More Taxes

It looks like the good folks of Los Angeles are about to get their pockets picked again, and unfortunately, that’s just what they want. The city that overwhelmingly voted to tax itself into one of the most highly taxed cities in the nation are the same ones that voted to tax themselves at the state […]

Los Angeles Eyes Reconquista ID Scheme

I’ve said before that we’ve already lost California, so this latest move should be no surprise. As the once great state slowly cedes to Mexico, those that could actually slow the tide are the very ones hastening our demise. If you think this is just another story of a pack of nuts in a state […]

Going Green To Cost Money, Jobs in Los Angeles

On the verge of bankruptcy, illegal aliens running free-including vicious gang members that comprise 95 percent of all murder warrants in the city, crumbling streets, a grossly ineffective school system that is hopelessly in debt, the highest unemployment rate in the state and traffic snarls that are second to none, and the Los Angeles City […]

Obama Dodges Drug Runner

Since the mainstream media refuses to address the obvious, I guess it’s up to me again to point out how ridiculously porous our borders are. Most people in the United States-certainly anybody in California, and certainly in Los Angeles knew that Barack Obama was in town and that airspace in the city was severely restricted. […]