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Los Angeles Bows to Islam

There is such a thing as a manufactured crisis, and if this doesn’t qualify, then I can’t tell you what it means.

The Los Angeles City Council, the highest paid vote stuffing, illegal alien coddling, gang funding, demagogic pay-to-players in the country have passed yet another toothless resolution. Though it carries no legal weight, it […]

Communists, Illegals Rally For Drunken Thug

The media presented this as a story of some good, hard working folks from the neighborhood that just wanted to support a friend. Well, there were others not from the neighborhood that joined in and lent their support. In fact, they organized the rallies.

When knife wielding drunken illegal alien Manuel Jamines came at Los […]

Los Angeles’ Staggering Waste Of Stimulus Funds

Leave it to Los Angeles to screw up a sure thing. The failed stimulus bill was supposed to create jobs. In fact, shovel ready jobs were supposedly already there, just waiting for your money. Well, technically, there were jobs created. Technically.

Some of the most corrupt,inept boobs on the political landscape, the Los Angeles city […]

Anchor Babies Bankrupting Los Angeles

With unemployment hovering in the 12% range, layoffs abounding, and services being cut in Los Angeles, the illegal alien money party rolls on.

Anchor babies are easy money, and the illegal aliens that pop them out know it. The payments for anchor babies in Los Angeles increased to $52 million in July, and the trend […]

LAUSD Violating Civil Rights Of Illegal Aliens?

I’ve said before that remedies for discrimination usually involve discrimination against someone or something else to rectify the problem. I couldn’t have come up with a better example if I’d made it up. Don’t look for any content of your character here.

In a move that the Mexican government itself couldn’t have imagined, the feds, […]

Los Angeles Being Belted With A "Carbon Surcharge"

We can blame the corrupt politicians in Los Angeles for the city’s woes all we want, but the fact is, if the citizens hadn’t voted for them in the first place, we wouldn’t be in this current downward spiral.

Mayor Antonio Mecha Villaraigosa, the corrupt, racist, lech, ex(?) gang member that is now in his […]