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Scott Brown Selling Out?

I understand the district Scott Brown (R-MA) is coming from: A liberal bastion with a seat that Ted amnesty Kennedy held for decades. But he ran on a platform of not following the current liberal agenda. Was it all a ruse?

Brown stated last week that he wants to work with Democrats on comprehensive immigration […]

Nancy Pelosi A Clueless Zombie?

Either that, or she doesn’t give a damn what the American people think. Most likely a disturbing combination of the two. Love her or hate her, it makes absolutely no difference to her.

Nancy Pelosi, the San Francisco freak, is still pressing on with the socialized health care scheme, even in light of the resounding […]

Brown Pounds Coakley

Apparently, the Democratic machine in Massachusetts wouldn’t dare tamper with those voting machines. There was no way they could fake this.

It’s official. Martha Coakley quit at about the 75% point and conceded the Massachusetts special senate election to Scott Brown. it looks like a landslide, and in fact, looked like a landslide even before […]