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Chris Matthews' Race Card Meltdown

As the saying goes, the truth hurts, and if that is the case, then Chris Matthews must be in a world of pain. No doubt both of his viewers must be as enraged as he is, but everyone else…they’re either firmly rooted in reality or are able to take things on their merits. Neither one […]

Race Card Dealt To Romney…Again

No, this is not a repeat post, but it may as well be. It has become pretty clear that since Barack Obama is unable to run on his record, what he has done both economically and…socially, he and his goons are dispensing with all that content of character talk and going straight to the color […]

Race Card Dealt To Mitt Romney

And Romney didn’t have to say or do anything. He just had to be Romney. It’s not clear whether Politico decided to suspend this clown on their own or were contacted by the Romney campaign. In either case, the tired old race card has been used once again, and unfortunately for all of us, this […]

Open Borders, Romney Style

At least he doesn’t plan on using executive orders to flood the country with illegal immigrants. Instead, he’ll just legalize them all and poof, no more illegals. Romney was caught shamelessly pandering to the open borders lobby, sounding more like George Bush on immigration than someone who would be faced with a burgeoning catastrophe that […]

South Carolina Implodes

Of course, it is an open primary, so it’s hard to tell who actually voted. On the other hand, the entire nation was duped in 2008, so how difficult would it be to dupe a single state? Newt Gingrich could tell you, because with the tons of baggage that he lugs around, duping potential voters […]

The Gingrich Pendulum Swings Back to the Right

Where it will be next week is anybodys guess. I said that it was only a matter of time before Newt Gingrich implodes. We have arrived. Newt was riding high in Iowa until the voters took a look at what he actually was: A cantankerous, open borders opportunist who has flipped flopped even more than […]