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Senate Holds Islamic Love Fest

Apparently, the failed Peter King hearings weren’t enough for the Democrat dhimmis in the Senate. They felt compelled to counter the King hearings with their own, and the result makes the flaccid King hearings look like a vicious attack on Islam never before seen.


Terror Advocates Trying to Derail Hearings

Although Egypt will be a good catch, the the United States is the prize. There are plenty anti-American legal jihadists working hard to make it happen too.

I’ve talked before of the Muslim groups trolling the United States and bragging that they are influencing our elected representatives. Now they are turning their sights on Peter […]

Muslims Decry Success of Anti-Terror Tactics

Attorney General Eric the coward Holder was put on the hot seat by a Muslim advocacy group, upset over the tactics the government uses to foil terror attacks. Holder assured them that he would make changes to ensure the feds would have a more difficult time catching terrorists in the future.

Holder was the keynote […]