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John McCain Defends Muslim Brotherhood

Just because someone has an R next to their name doesn’t mean, depending on your definition, that he or she is a true Republican. We have Marco Rubio and Ileana Ros Lehtinen, both amnesty advocates, as well as Lindsay Graham, who not only advocates open borders, but has jumped on the global warming bandwagon as […]

Obama Joins Hands With Muslim Brotherhood

“Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Qur’an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”

That is the creed of the Muslim Brotherhood. They have no interest in co-existing or even tolerating Western civilization. Obama knows this. I don’t consider him an […]

White House Stands With Muslim Brotherhood, not Peter King

When deputy National Security Adviser Denis McDonough lavished praise on a Muslim cleric the other day, at least I viewed it with suspicion. After all, you don’t become a leader in the Muslim community without having a few bomb vests in your closet. Turns out my suspicions are confirmed.

McDonough praised imam Mohammed Magid of […]

James Clapper Implodes Once Again

Bunkerville has the story. I’m just going to tear the guy apart. Janet Napolitano may be the most inept, buffoonish, dangerous dolt ever to run security for any country, but she has some competition. Meet James Clapper. Napolitano makes horrible decisions, the type that have permanently damaged this country. Clapper is just a flatline. Literally, […]

Obama Aiding Terrorists in Egypt?

I’ve maintained since 2008 that Barack Obama is a Muslim. The only refutation of that claim is his word. The evidence, which has been documented here, and many other places, points to either him actually being a Muslim, or so sympathetic to the most radical elements of Islam that he may as well be one. […]

CPAC Bows to Islam

We all know that Democrats have bowed to Islam, and would welcome sharia law in the name of political correctness. The road is a little tougher on the conservative side, but those that would impose sharia on the United States have some help.

The Conservative Political Action Conference, also know as CPAC, will be holding […]