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Democrats Remain Clueless

Are the Dems so obtuse that they will push ahead with their agenda despite what the American people told them on November 2nd? Apparently, they are.

After suffering historic losses at all levels of government throughout the country, the Democrats are spewing the same boneheaded agenda with the same loons that got them in a […]

Confirmed: Nancy Pelosi Still A Clueless Zombie

It’s hard to tell if this hag actually believes what she is saying, or if she’s been lying for so long she just doesn’t know how to tell the truth.

As the bright lights of ABC News shined down on the fading Botoxed face of Nancy Pelosi, the San Francisco freak plumped herself up to […]

Nancy Pelosi A Clueless Zombie?

Either that, or she doesn’t give a damn what the American people think. Most likely a disturbing combination of the two. Love her or hate her, it makes absolutely no difference to her.

Nancy Pelosi, the San Francisco freak, is still pressing on with the socialized health care scheme, even in light of the resounding […]

Have Real Bionics Arrived?

If this turns out to be a successful experiment, the lives of millions around the world, including our troops would have their quality of life not only improved, but restored.

Researchers in Europe have successfully tested a robotic hand attached to a human being. Sure, there are other robotic prosthetics out there, but this one […]

Nancy Pelosi Trying To Raise The National Debt

Why not? You and your children will be paying for it, not her. The stimulus bill has done nothing, the bailouts have not budged the credit markets, and unemployment is rising like the national debt. Nancy Pelosi thinks the solution is more of what did not work.

Yes, the insane clown socialist from San Francisco […]

Democrats Ram Pelosicare Down Our Throats

No surprise, but infuriating none the less. With the majority of Americans against this assault on health care, the Democrats voted for it anyway.

Hormone compromised hag Nancy Pelosi smugly announced passage of the 1,990 page monstrosity that is designed to destroy health care as we know it in the United States. The vote was […]