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Illegal Aliens Handed Keys to New York

With Republicans standing by like helpless chumps, the country is rapidly descending into chaos. If Washington is a basket case, then states and cities are the ugly stepchild. Unfortunately for us, they’re getting more done than the feds.


WTC Topped Off With Islamic Minaret

For us Americans that still remain in this country, expect to see the fall of the United States in a way we never could have imagined. Losing the country is devastating enough, but the manner in which it is happening just adds insult to injury. But I digress. I said the Americans that still remain […]

Visit To Ground Zero

Sorry I’ve been neglecting this blog the last several weeks, but I’ve been putting in lots of overtime at work and I’m pretty beat at the end of the day. I’m not complaining though. In this economy I feel fortunate to have the opportunity. Just by chance I had to opportunity to be dispatched to […]

Michael Bloomberg Bans Clergy From 911 Memorial

I talked the other day how Islam was reaching its tentacles into every facet of American society. Well, consider this yet another tentacle, and it’s going to hurt. It seems as though New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has banned clergy from the upcoming 911 memorial. Andre Carson must be clicking his heels from that tree […]

ACORN Reincarnates in New York

The Rosemary’s Baby of community organizers is back, but in reality, they never went away. They just needed a little makeover, and what better place to do that than in a bastion of liberalism like New York.

The criminals formerly known as ACORN, exposed for the prurient, race baiting, economy bashing scum that they are, […]

Bloomberg Still Trying To Hand New York To Islam

Although it is true that virtually all elections are subject to some kind of voting chicanery-c’mon New Yorkers, how many times have you elected that numbskull mayor of yours? He is just a symptom of a larger problem in New York, though. At least there are some of you that still have some common sense.