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Doug Hoffman Will Seek Vengeance In November

Everybody knows who he is now. Are you listening Michael Steele? You need him a lot more than he needs you.

Conservative party candidate Doug Hoffman has made it official. He plans on running in New York’s 23rd district and he wants Bill Owens in the political octagon. He should have won last November, but […]

New York In Political Flames

Quite a state you have there, New Yorkers. But don’t feel alone. All states have their share of scumbags. You just have more media to shine the light on these cockroaches.

Can we say that New York has just had a run of bad luck, or have just made a series of bad choices? How […]

Muslims Set To Desecrate Ground Zero

This is your moment of truth, New Yorkers. If you can’t bring yourself to oppose this, then put on your burka and move on.

As if the Flight 93 memorial being built in the shape of the Islamic crescent and pointing to Mecca, and the outsourcing of work on Freedom Tower to China wasn’t bad […]

NY 23rd District Election Was Rigged

And if they can rig this election, they can rig any election.

The election results for New York’s 23rd district looked funny from the start, and now we’re finding out that indeed, the results were not accurate. Dominion/Sequoia, a Venezuelan, Hugo Chavez controlled company, supplied the electronic voting machines that were used in NY23. It […]

New York 23rd District Election Not Over

You’ve heard the term before: voting irregularities. It seems that all the votes in New York’s 23rd district haven’t been counted, and […]

Democrat Owens Stabs Voters In The Back

Are you happy NY 23rd? The fraud you put into office not only lied to you, but was put into a position of damaging the rest of the country. He broke four campaign promises as soon as he walked in the door. For all of you who voted for Bill Owens, thanks.

The lies and […]