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Data Breach Even Worse Than Feared

Cash isn’t dead yet, and if there are any more data breaches it may once again become the primary medium of exchange in this country. Bad enough the government is after your personal information, but it is exacerbated by identity thieves around the world looking for that same information. Two peas in a pod, or […]

NSA Tentacles Have No Bounds

If you thought the IRS was a rogue agency, you’re right, but there may be an agency that is even worse. The more we hear about the NSA, the worse they sound. If what has been uncovered turns out to be the case-and it appears that it is, they are off the chart.


NSA Spying on European Union as Well

It has been political fodder from the start that the Obama regime is famous for throwing friends under the bus and/or stabbing them in the back. The latest back to need stitches though could result in implications that go beyond 2016.