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Government Aware Obamacare Is In Freefall

It’s not easy to tell a lie and the truth at the same time, but the Obama regime is managing to do just that. As Rome burns, Nero sends out his goons to assure us all that the Obamacare rollout debacle has seen it’s worse days and everything looks rosy going forward. Too bad the […]

Obamacare Site Putting All Americans At Risk

They can’t be that stupid, can they? Their agenda may be ridiculous, their philosophy a proven failure, but surely they must have what can be described as book smart. If that is the case, Then the debacle that is the Obamacare website is even more sinister than it appears


ACORN Thugs Working as Obamacare Navigators

Anybody that paid any attention at all knew that these brown shirts were still around, and now they may get their hands on your personal information. What could go wrong there? If history is any indicator, plenty, and Darrel Issa will have to go octagon with his own committee to investigate.


Illegal Aliens Have Greenlight For Obamacare

For all those illegal aliens that think signing up for Obamacare might lead to deportation, rest easy amigos. Your just the kind of folks he’s looking for.


Obama Lies-Again

About the only thing you can expect from a compulsive liar is more lies. The stimulus would boost the economy. Well, it boosted a few pocketbooks, but so far, years later, the economy has yet to respond. Fast and Furious was Bush’s fault. That’s right, it was just a continuation of operation wide receiver, which…was […]

Obamacare Rollout Even Worse Than Imagined

If you thought the Obamacare website was a joke, stop laughing. If you thought that you were safe because your employer provided healthcare options to you and you didn’t have to deal with the site, guess again. If you think that this thing stinks as badly as every other Obama regime scandal with every layer […]