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RINO McCain Rebuts Ted Cruz

Just when you thought that John McCain couldn’t get any more RINO than he is, he manages to top himself. Once again, he has shown his disdain not only for the Republican party, but for the American people as well. Sounds like the kind of guy Harry Reid could work with. Wouldn’t you know…


Obamacare Will Crush the Working Poor

I was going to call this article Working Poor Blindsided by Obamacare, but that wouldn’t have been accurate. This is something that was known for the last few years, but all it took was for John Roberts to be off his meds for one day and the economy literally will fall apart as a result. […]

California Insurance Costs Set To Skyrocket

If the idea of Obamacare was to drive everyone towards a single payer system, then the plan has failed even before it has been implemented. Starting in 2014, insurance will be so expensive that many Americans, at least in California, will be looking at fines, jail-or homelessness. Hope and change has arrived.


Media Fawns Over Bush Appointee

There have been numerous examples of judicial activism in recent years, and I suspect that it goes way back. We see it in the illegal alien issue, and we certainly have seen it in the Obamacare issue. With yet another ruling, we now have the media conceding that indeed, most judges are activist in nature, […]

Death Panels Dropped One More Time

Remember, they just got caught trying to sneak this thing through. If they can find another way to insert it, they will. With Obamacare facing legal challenges from all quarters as it is, a macabre requirement that was dropped from the original bill has been killed off yet again. But as we have seen with […]

Obama Inserts Death Panels By Decree

Although the Democrats wanted to do this on the sly and avoid another firestorm, they won’t be able to: The cats out of the bag. They must still be living in the days when people weren’t paying attention. News flash for Dems: We’re paying attention.

As Obamacare was being rammed down the throat of America […]