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Gingrich Opens Amnesty Floodgates

I ask again, as have many others during this primary campaign: How the hell does Newt Gingrich end up as a contender? The man lies, he’s erratic, and of the four contenders left, he is by far the most anti-American candidate. If anyone thinks there is any credence to the North American Union need only […]

South Carolina Implodes

Of course, it is an open primary, so it’s hard to tell who actually voted. On the other hand, the entire nation was duped in 2008, so how difficult would it be to dupe a single state? Newt Gingrich could tell you, because with the tons of baggage that he lugs around, duping potential voters […]

Obama Promotes La Raza Thug

How would you like United States domestic policy being dictated straight from the bowels of Mexico City? Well, it doesn’t matter if you like it or not, because that’s what we have now. Here we have yet another example of the myth of a post racial presidency. This president is immersed in racial and ethnic […]

How Did Barack Obama Become President?

If you believe Gallup, America is a center-right nation. Of course, they aren’t the only ones that have come to this conclusion, and if November 2010 was any indicator, a poll wasn’t even necessary. But there was a poll, and if there are still any doubters, then they can look at the results on paper […]

Gingrich, Perry Morph Into Democrats

With Newt Gingrich blathering on about what a moderate Mitt Romney is, you would think he would be highlighting his conservative credentials in contrast. Instead, he sounds like he’s reading a script straight out of the White House. Rick Perry is no better, and his rhetoric is even more incendiary. The governor who’s created thousands […]

California Law Keeps Illegal Alien Drivers On The Road

As the debate rages over Romney’s hair, and Newt Gingrich’s arrest the judges scheme, and Ron Paul’s racist newsletters, America itself is being chipped away piece by piece. When Americans wake up one day and wonder where their country went, they need only look to this blog and a handful of others who documented the […]