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Crackdown on American Gun Buyers

I thought this was a joke, maybe an article from The Onion when I read it, but no. It was from the AP. Close enough. This could be seen as a tragic comedy, but there’s nothing funny about it.

Already caught red-handed smuggling guns to Mexican drug cartels, the Justice Department has not only refused […]

Gunrunner Scandal Moves Beyond Phoenix

I said a few days ago that Fast and Furious was getting uglier by the day. What do you know, it’s another day. What we initially believed about Project Gunrunner was bad enough, but it may be much bigger than we could have imagined.

The drug war rages unabated in Mexico. The latest blast of […]

Darrell Issa to Hold Hearings on Project Gunrunner

Darrell Issa is a hard working man. So far, he epitomizes the term elected representative. His latest piece of work, if he can extract enough from the stonewalling Obama regime, may have consequences that reach to 2012 and beyond.

When the news broke that project gunrunner had spiraled out of control (or had it?), there […]

Justice Department Gives Issa the Political Finger

Again. The Obama regime is so corrupt, have put themselves so far above the law, have redefined the Constitution in such a way as to make it irrelevant and have done so much damage to this country that we may never recover that 2012 should be open and shut. So far, most Republicans haven’t taken […]