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Dems Double Down On Race Card

Shameless race pandering is the modus operani of the current incarnation of the Democratic party, and it has been no more evident than is has been this presidential campaign. Mitt Romney has been viciously attacked by a host of goons for no other reason that Romney is white. It certainly isn’t for anything he has […]

Race Card Dealt To Romney…Again

No, this is not a repeat post, but it may as well be. It has become pretty clear that since Barack Obama is unable to run on his record, what he has done both economically and…socially, he and his goons are dispensing with all that content of character talk and going straight to the color […]

Martin Case Brings Out the Race Baiters

Since black on black crime is a non-issue with the race baiters in this country, you would think this incident would have flown under the radar, like the deaths of so many other black men. Not this time. This wasn’t black on black. It wasn’t white on black either. Close enough for the hate mongers […]

California Governor Considers Legal Racism Bill

Don’t give companies another reason to outsource-or insource jobs. Poor quality students either muck up the college campuses, dropping out long before they graduate, or are pushed through as a matter of social justice, making them less than ready for the real world. That’s good enough for California.


Morgan Freeman Bashes Tea Party

You hear about it in courts of law all the time. People witness the exact same event and have totally different descriptions of what happened. This kind of subjective reality can be applied to just about anything, and it seems to me to based on pre-conceived notions that have nothing to do with what is […]

Rick Perry Says No to Border Fence

We’ve all heard about the RINO tendencies of Rick Perry, and unfortuantely for him, he’s reinforcing those tendencies. We built the World Trade Center, the Empire State Building, Sears Tower in Chicago, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Hoover Dam, and a network of roads that are the envy of the civilized world. Perry even advocated […]