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Senate Republicans Fold On Debt Ceiling

Slowly the myth of two parties in Washington is becoming painfully apparent. Either that, or Republicans are so spineless that they may as well not exist. You decide.


Republicans Caving Once Again

Now that the proverbial can has been kicked down the road yet again, those that feared the sky was about to fall can rest easy. With the current crop of Republicans being what they are, some of us knew what would eventually happen, and…we were right.


Gang of Eight Targets House Republicans

But apparently not everyone is on board with the scheme. Already showing their disrespect and disregard for the American people, the gang of eight have set their sights on house Republicans, but their devious tactics aren’t going over well with potential accomplices. They’ll keep trying though.


Amnesty To Cost Trillions

And that’s just the money part of it. In my last post I said that there are many groups that would like to take a chunk out of the United States, and a few of them came to mind immediately. Well, here’s the other one. If Islam wants to stake their claim to this country […]

California Republicans Join Amnesty Parade

Like a house of cards we now see the fall of the Republican party. What took so long in the bastion of amnesty, California is anybody’s guess, but as expected the push for amnesty is here, and it is bipartisan.


RINO's Collude With Obama on Amnesty

Do I even need to tell you who those RINO’s are? Of course you know who I’m talking about. These are the same traitors who have been advocating amnesty for years. It looks like their dream is about to become reality.