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RINO McCain Rebuts Ted Cruz

Just when you thought that John McCain couldn’t get any more RINO than he is, he manages to top himself. Once again, he has shown his disdain not only for the Republican party, but for the American people as well. Sounds like the kind of guy Harry Reid could work with. Wouldn’t you know…


Lindsey Graham Rolls Over On Amnesty Fight

My God, it hasn’t even been a week, and this son of a bitch is back at it. Forget November, recall this political cyst right now.

Only days after piously announcing that any kind of amnesty legislation was dead in the senate, Lindsey grahamnesty Graham punched another hole in the American flag and announced that […]

Bumbling Republicans Stumble Towards November

Just because the Democrats will be feeling some serious pain in November doesn’t mean America is out out the woods. We still have to deal with the Republicans. There was a reason the Republicans have been so unpopular the last several years (Bush was but one of reasons), and here is yet another example of […]

Democrat Owens Stabs Voters In The Back

Are you happy NY 23rd? The fraud you put into office not only lied to you, but was put into a position of damaging the rest of the country. He broke four campaign promises as soon as he walked in the door. For all of you who voted for Bill Owens, thanks.

The lies and […]

RINO Scozzafava Backing Democrat Owens

RINO was too soft a term for this loser. The voters were justified in rejecting this fraud, and as it turns out, she isn’t a Republican at all.

After having her campaign derailed by conservative Doug Hoffman, a grass roots challenge that did not have the backing of the GOP, Dede Scozzafava, the choice of […]

House Republicans Coddle RINO Candidate

If you think that your interests are being represented by someone who has an “R” after their name, think again. They don’t call them RINO for nothing.

A house seat opened up after New York Republican John McHugh jumped ship and took the position of Army Secretary. What the locals put up to replace him […]