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Senate Democrats Manhandling Republicans

The word on the hill is that if Republicans don’t cave and fund Obama’s DHS amnesty scheme that they will be blamed by the people and pay for it at the polls. Where have we heard that before?


Senate Republicans Fold On Debt Ceiling

Slowly the myth of two parties in Washington is becoming painfully apparent. Either that, or Republicans are so spineless that they may as well not exist. You decide.


John McCain Bashes Tea Party

We knew this clown was a RINO, and one of the main reasons the conservative base wasn’t thrilled enough to come out to vote for him in 2008. The argument could have been made though, if not John McCain, we’ll end up with Barack Obama, he’ll be worse. Well, you could still make that argument, […]

Senate Holds Islamic Love Fest

Apparently, the failed Peter King hearings weren’t enough for the Democrat dhimmis in the Senate. They felt compelled to counter the King hearings with their own, and the result makes the flaccid King hearings look like a vicious attack on Islam never before seen.


DREAM Act Amnesty Dies Again

Like a Friday the 13th sequel, it was killed yet again, but we know it will be back. Harry Reid tried to ram this through on a weekend, hoping that the opposition wouldn’t show up. Not only did they show up, but members of his own cabal helped strike it down. For now.

The DREAM […]

Scott Brown Selling Out?

I understand the district Scott Brown (R-MA) is coming from: A liberal bastion with a seat that Ted amnesty Kennedy held for decades. But he ran on a platform of not following the current liberal agenda. Was it all a ruse?

Brown stated last week that he wants to work with Democrats on comprehensive immigration […]