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South Carolina Implodes

Of course, it is an open primary, so it’s hard to tell who actually voted. On the other hand, the entire nation was duped in 2008, so how difficult would it be to dupe a single state? Newt Gingrich could tell you, because with the tons of baggage that he lugs around, duping potential voters […]

The Gingrich Pendulum Swings Back to the Right

Where it will be next week is anybodys guess. I said that it was only a matter of time before Newt Gingrich implodes. We have arrived. Newt was riding high in Iowa until the voters took a look at what he actually was: A cantankerous, open borders opportunist who has flipped flopped even more than […]

Judge Castrates South Carolina Immigration Law

The state of South Carolina is in play for Barack Obama in 2012. This might not be the case under ordinary circumstances, but currently, America is far from ordinary. In fact, I could argue that America isn’t 100 percent, especially when it comes to elections. An activist district court judge is making sure it stays […]

Utah Immigration Law Under Attack

Open borders. One world government. Social justice. Reconquista.. Fraudulent voters. Most likely an obscene combination of all of those things. America’s borders are all but non-existent, and if a border jumper happens to stake their claim in this country, they have the full protection of Barack Obama’s Justice Department. Of course, they’ll have to run […]

South Carolina Immigration Law Under Attack

While Mexican drug cartels bum rush the border, killing everything that gets in their way and drugging anything that survives, the gun running Obama regime is fighting like a wild animal to make sure individual states do nothing to stop the mayhem.


RINO Graham Blasts Obama On Amnesty Foot Dragging

What do you day about a guy who is to the left of Barack Obama on immigration? Obama wants to erase the borders, and he’s made moves to ensure that happens. Lindsey Graham doesn’t think he’s doing enough. Don’t let this guy sleep.

I don’t know what kind of a state Lindsey Graham comes from, […]