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Supreme Court Delivers Death Blow

We already knew how the four Obama minions were going to vote. We also knew that this would go largely along ideological lines. Well, we thought we knew, but Monday was an indication that things weren’t what they seemed. For the second time this week, the Supreme Court has handed Barack Obama powers no other […]

Obama Not Through With Arizona

Thanks to the Supreme Court’s dismal misapplication of the law and reckless disregard for the Constitution, the Obama regime now has free reign to do the same. Refusal to enforce the law and then breaking the very laws that have they have sworn to uphold, you would think that the regime has had their day […]

SCOTUS Botches SB 1070 Decision

Looking more like a gaggle of buffoons afraid of the consequences of their actions than the final word in law, the Supreme Court issued their ruling on SB 1070 today. Like muzak on a bad elevator, the decision does very little and helps very few. Politicians are using the decision to belch their rhetoric-the very […]

Supreme Court Leaning Favorably Towards SB 1070

What the Supreme Court is mulling right now has ramifications for not just Arizona, but the entire country. As the Obama regime fights to kill SB 1070, the arguments-although not falling on deaf ears, are actually being heard on its merits apparently. If some of the comments of the justices are any indicator, SB 1070 […]

Justice Department Orders SCOTUS to Drop SB 1070

In the wake of Russell Pearce’s bogus recall in Arizona, his bill SB 1070 continues to slowly snake its way to the Supreme Court. The Arizona law, that would give law enforcement the power to inquire about immigration status was gutted by a lower court, and subsequently appealed to the Supreme Court. In the meantime, […]

California Death Spiral

Well, this is what the voters wanted, and damn if they aren’t getting it. Jerry moonbeam Brown promised to destroy California, and if nothing else, he’s true to his word. Why there are those that would celebrate the demise of a once great state is anybody’s guess, but the celebration is occurring.