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Tom Coburn Roots Out The Waste

I don’t always agree with Tom Coburn, but I usually agree, and that’s good enough. A behemoth the size of the United States government wastes an incredible amount of money and Coburn exposes that annually. Apparently, the government spends so much money that now they don’t have money to pay our wounded vets. Or that’s […]

Tom Coburn To Contact Joe Arpaio

We can start with the facts. Barack Obama’s birth certificate, at least the latest one trotted out is an electronic copy that is so easily forged that even I could doctor it. Obama’s relatives have indicated he was born in Kenya. Obama’s publisher touted the same for years…until recently. So did his wife. Obama fought […]

Billions in Painless Cuts Identified by GAO

Ultimately, there will have to be painful cuts in federal spending, but right now, both Republicans and Democrats can permanently shave billions off the budget with no pain at all. The only resistance would be coming from those that are looking to expand the size of government. In other words, there will be a road […]