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Foreign Entity to Monitor U.S. Election

As president of the world, Barack Obama certainly has more tactical resources at his disposal than what he has here in the United States. Just on the surface he has the mainstream media, the CPUSA, various occupod organizations, a litany of racist groups and just about any other group that has a problem with whitey. […]

America Offers Political Jizya to Islam

Is this a coincidence? On another day, talking about another regime in another time you could make a case. But we’re talking about the Obama regime, and as I’ve said before, actions speak louder than words. As if the words alone weren’t enough to make you cringe, get a load of the actions.


Obama Places Islam on a Pedestal

It’s pretty easy to tear apart just about anything Barack Obama says, because he is in the unenviable position of having to hide his real agenda. But when he’s implementing that agenda as aggressively as he is, it’s impossible to hide it for long. Put him in front a bunch of crackpots like the goons […]

U.N. Climate Fraudsters Reach Latest Deal

Other than Mr. Waffle Mitt Romney straddling the fence and the carbon nightmare Newt Gingrich rolling around on the couch with Nancy Pelosi, we haven’t heard the Republican presidential candidate address the issue of climate change with much vigor. However, they are all skeptics now, even if they had to flip-flop to get there. With […]

Gingrich Wants John Bolton In His Cabinet

He’s an open borders traitor. He’s hung around with the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Al Sharpton. The Republicans ran him out of town when he was speaker of the house. He’s made boneheaded statements and even more boneheaded endorsements. His morality is right there in the Bill Clinton zone. He supported a individual healthcare […]

Climate Change Being Used to Push Mass Migration Agenda

As the media presents the only two presidential candidates America will be allowed to choose from in 2012, there is other news out there that is being implanted into the American psyche at the same time. I talked recently about climate fraud being alive and well, and if the trillions of dollars being asked for […]