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Voter Fraud in High Gear

With the senate slipping away from the Democrats, these have become desperate times, not just for the endangered senators, but Democrats at all levels of government. But they have faced desperate times before and the game plan now is the same as what the game plan was then. Voter fraud has reared its ugly head […]

Eric Cantor Deposed

This is a shot across the bow for those Republicans that think supporting amnesty will further their political ambitions. The house majority leader thought he could get away with it until the waning days of primary season. He was wrong. The people have spoken and establishment Republicans are reeling.


Voter Fraud Celebrated In Ohio

When we hear of the disenfranchised, and voter suppression, the story is that evil Republicans want to keep those that traditionally vote Democrat from voting. The story is that voter ID laws are so onerous, so imposing, that many voters would be denied the right to cast a ballot. Apparently, that isn’t the case in […]

Los Angeles Displays Shameful Voter Apathy

I’ve spoken many times about how California was headed straight into the toilet. The city of Los Angeles is part of that, and if the mayoral election on Tuesday is any indicator, the state as a whole has nothing on this city.


Republicans Using Twitter to Court Illegal Aliens

Republicans figure they have their base in the bag. Who are you going to vote for? A Democrat? As a result, the Repubs can kick the American citizen to the curb and focus on the votes they really need: the illegal alien. It will take many nails to seal the coffin of the United States, […]

Colin Powell Doubles Down on Ethno-Hustling

Just think about this, because it is a viable possibility: Clinton/Powell 2016. Anybody that thinks Colin Powell is a Republican is just deluding themselves. Not only is he a leftist, but his views are tainted with race-based ideology that so common with non-white Democrats. Given this ideology, it should have come as no surprise that […]