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Possible Vote Fraud Ignored by Republicans

There have been so many instances of voter fraud coming from the Democrat side of politics that is has almost become a joke-if it weren’t so serious. What is happening to this country as a result is far from funny. To no one’s surprise, the presidential election Nov. 6 appears to be riddled with fraud, […]

The Fix Is In

We know that voter fraud occurs in this country, and if ACORN is any indicator, it was rampant in 2008. Think the problem has been solved? Think again. I’ve railed against electronic voting machines for years, not only for their unreliability, but for their ease of manipulation. Now, literally hours from maybe the most important […]

Foreign Entity to Monitor U.S. Election

As president of the world, Barack Obama certainly has more tactical resources at his disposal than what he has here in the United States. Just on the surface he has the mainstream media, the CPUSA, various occupod organizations, a litany of racist groups and just about any other group that has a problem with whitey. […]

Biden Self-Destructs, Dems Delighted

The only reason anybody thought Joe Biden did well in Thursday’s debate was that it is universally agreed that he is a buffoon. With that premise, Joe was just being Joe, and the fact that he didn’t allow Paul Ryan to finish half his thoughts could be considered by Joe’s standards to be a success. […]

Romney Hammers Obama in First Debate

This is just an off the top of my head impression of tonight’s presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Sometimes an analysis like this is better than pouring over a transcript because in the end, most people are just going to watch and judge on what stuck with them. I’ll tell you what […]

Massive Voter Fraud Scheme Exposed?

Like an Acornian nightmare, this looks like 2008 all over again. While Eric Holder and co. gripe about the disenfranchisement caused by voter I.D. laws we get this news. Anyone who had dug a little deeper than what the mainstream media dished out knows that when ACORN was exposed by Darrell Issa, and later by […]