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The Fix Is In

We know that voter fraud occurs in this country, and if ACORN is any indicator, it was rampant in 2008. Think the problem has been solved? Think again. I’ve railed against electronic voting machines for years, not only for their unreliability, but for their ease of manipulation. Now, literally hours from maybe the most important election in decades, electronic voting machines are in the news again, and it doesn’t bode well for Mitt Romney.

Early voting is already occurring in some swing states, and some of the Mitt Romney voters are having their ballots come up-Barack Obama. One of those states is Ohio, where it is almost universally agreed Romney has to win if he is to have a chance at defeating Obama. What a coincidence the machines are casting votes for Obama.

This could be considered an honest malfunction except for one thing: The miscalculated votes apparently all came up for Obama. There were no votes that erroneously went to Romney.

The RNC is asking that six states recalibrate their machines to make sure this doesn’t happen on Tuesday. Apparently, these states are under no obligation to do so, and in heavily Democratic areas, those pleas are almost certainly to be ignored. Doug Hoffman will tell you.

Some goons from Europe are coming over to monitor the election to make sure Romney supporters aren’t fooling with the election results. What are the odds that this kind of thing ends up in their report?

We have ACORN alive and well working under an assumed name, the Voter Participation Center posing as a legitimate state organization and asking for voter information…the DOJ fighting to block voter ID laws, the DHS fighting to keep states from purging bogus voters from their rolls, illegal aliens voting by the millions, and these rigged machines. If Romney wins at all it will be in a landslide. No, the “official” numbers will show a close race, but with the massive fraud that will be occurring, a landslide is the only way Romney will be able to pull out a victory. Couple that with voters that would vote for Obama anyway, and it’s an uphill battle for any Republican.

Why Republicans haven’t made this an issue is anybody’s guess. They’ve had years to deal with it, and obviously they haven’t done anything. Then again, we can’t expect the Republicans to be the answer to America’s problems either. The difference in this election is that Barack Obama and those that ascribe to his ideology is the problem America faces.

Our vote is a firewall of sorts, that would keep undesirables from obtaining power in this country. All I can do is sound the alarm once again. I’m glad the Repubs are taking notice of this issue. But where have they been the last few years? Did they go soft after 2010? Or are they just becoming irrelevant, and the only thing keeping the party alive is the American citizen, using the power of the ballot box to try and stave off third world socialist we’re all equal unless you’re white or have money multicultural nirvana at the expense of American culture hell? You decide.

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