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The Gingrich Pendulum Swings Back to the Right

Where it will be next week is anybodys guess. I said that it was only a matter of time before Newt Gingrich implodes. We have arrived. Newt was riding high in Iowa until the voters took a look at what he actually was: A cantankerous, open borders opportunist who has flipped flopped even more than the man he’s targeted for attack, Mitt Romney. Whether it’s immigration, global warming, his contempt for the tea party, his COD support of Fannie Mae, his support for a single payer health care nightmare, and his opposition to Paul Ryan’s common sense approach to entitlement programs, Gingrich has alienated the very voters he seeks to hoodwink. Well, he hadn’t alienated all of them. That is until now.

Mitt Romney’s time at Bain Capital is public record, so it should have been no problem getting the facts on just what he did during his time there. In fact, it is no problem at all. For Newt Gingrich that created a problem out of thin air. For everything else that’s wrong with Mitt Romney, he did manage to create jobs while at Bain. But a super pac-run by former Gingrich staffers have a totally different spin on what Romney did. They even went as far as concocting a documentary, chronicling the activities of the corporate vulture as he destroyed lives in the name of profit. Focusing on a few companies in South Carolina, Newt thought he had the formula to not only destroy Romney in the latest battleground, but to present himself as the consevative’s conservative, in contrast to the moderate Romney. Unfortunately for Gingrich, the Voters of South Carolina aren’t the dumb hicks he took them to be and the blowback is propelling Romney to almost certain victory in South Carolina.

Like something out of a Barack Obama campaign attack, the super pac’s film mercilessly attacks not only Romney, but capitalism itself. Because Bain couldn’t save every company it bought, that constituted an attack on American workers from the evil capitalists at Bain. Gingrich has met such severe oppositon to the film that he’s now flip-flopped, and wants the film either edited, or nixed all together. Not only have the voters of South Carolina torn the film apart, but even the main stream media has panned it. You would think the msm would have an interest in watching the Repulicans tear themselves apart, but not even they could tacitly approve the outright falsehoods portrayed in the film.

The Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler’s awarded the video “Four Pinocchios” in his assessment, which puts “King of Bain” in a class of the worst offenders with “significant factual error[s].”
Politifact, a Pulitzer-prize winning project of the St. Petersburg Times, said two claims in the film were “mostly false.”

Too late Newt. The latest polls show Mitt Romney widening his lead in South Carolina, a disastrous development for the Gingrich campaign. With a checkered past and now a just as checkered present, Newt Gingrich should be finished. In fact, if not for donations from some rich crony that he will no doubt owe, Gingrich would already be done.

Yes, we can now add liar to the long list of negatives attributed to Newt Gingrich. I don’t know how many more articles I need to write to help finish this guy off, but I’ll write as many as I have to. Nice job Newt, I’m sure Mitt Romney thanks you.

4 comments to The Gingrich Pendulum Swings Back to the Right

  • Newt Gingrich is just showing his true colors. He likes to portray himself as being above the fray, but he is anything but. I will be glad when he drops out of the race.

  • Newt Gingrich got so blinded with rage after Iowa that he has made it personal against Romney and has decided to take him down at all costs, but it looks as if it has clouded his judgement and has backfired on him. He also recently got booed at a townhall meeting in SC for attacking Mitt. I think he is no longer a viable candidate–if he ever was–and becoming unhinged this easily has to be making to voters have second thoughts about whether this man should be the leader of this nation.

  • How long could the real Newt Gingrich hide?

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