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The Phony Race Debate in America

Ever since the Donald Sterling saga broke, a spotlight on race has pervaded the country. An honest discussion, such as the one Eric Holder says Americans are too cowardly to engage in? Not really. Racism is a multi-lane highway, but as usual, the albatross is hung around the neck of the group least likely to be racist these days: Whitey.

I don’t know when this program aired on ABC (looks like a few years back), but it looked like an episode of What Would You Do?, where a staged scene was publicly set up to gauge the reaction of ordinary passers-by. In this program, an actor was allegedly stealing a bicycle-trying to cut through a lock, and the program allegedly captures the reactions of folks passing by. The first “thief” was a young white kid banging away on the lock. There were a few inquiries as to what he was doing, but no effort to try and stop him. Fast forward to the next thief, a young black kid, and the reactions are quite different. Almost immediately people are outraged when the kid makes no bones about it not being his bike. A mob gathers, people get in his face, photos are taken, and one man even calls 911. What did the people think when they found out it was all an act?

Apparently, they never found out. These outraged citizens suddenly dispersed, and unless that part was cut out, the police never showed up, even though one man called 911. What was odd was that the outraged citizens had absolutely no fear of what this “criminal” might do. He had a saw, a hammer and other potential weapons at his disposal. That didn’t stop women from getting in his face, and there were even children just a few feet away watching this supposed thief. The whole thing looked staged in more ways than one.

What this program was trying to suggest is that persons of color were looked at more suspiciously than whites. It went even further in suggesting that even when people knew that white kids were committing a crime, there were not inclined to do anything. Had this program not been totally staged, FBI figures could have explained the first point. But citizens not doing anything about a crime in progress because the perpetrator was white? Preposterous. I only linked to the page so you could see the video. Please, somebody tell me how wrong I am. Tell me how accurate and unstaged this skit was.I’m sure the guy that posted the vid really believes what he saw was real. The facts don’t bear that out though. ABC could have done a better job if they wanted to fake something like this. Or did they need to? There are those that want to believe such a thing is true. And I don’t want to hear anecdotal stories about some skinhead gone wild. I can pull those stories out of a hat myself.

Sure, you have the Donald Sterlings of the world, but the NBA has a track record of ignoring not only Sterling for years, but a long list of racist and homophobic comments from former and current players. But they weren’t white so it wasn’t a story. Why not? Was Eric Holder right? Are we cowards? Not all of us Eric. I’m having an honest discussion right now. And by the way, that standing offer to debate the issue is still open.

I understand those that lived in days when it was bad for blacks in America. I’ve said before that if that was my experience I don’t know if I would ever forgive. At the same time, viewing the world through that lens could skew reality. But if you’re under 50 or so, that wasn’t your experience. And for those that try to perpetuate the stereotype that whitey harbors an inner Jim Crow with programs like this creates a strain on race relations that did not previously exist. The program was fake, but those that thought it was real will take what was presented and view the world through that lens.

It looks like typical leftist mentality. Raise one group up tearing down another. Not as effective as it used to be, but it is still effective. There are those that want that program to true and ABC gave them what they wanted.

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