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U.N. Climate Fraudsters Reach Latest Deal

Other than Mr. Waffle Mitt Romney straddling the fence and the carbon nightmare Newt Gingrich rolling around on the couch with Nancy Pelosi, we haven’t heard the Republican presidential candidate address the issue of climate change with much vigor. However, they are all skeptics now, even if they had to flip-flop to get there. With the kind of money the socialists are talking about, it still doesn’t generate much reaction from the candidates. Strange, considering it is the engine that the global socialists are using to redistribute wealth. Which reminds me, none of the canidates have addressed the United Nations and their actions either. Well, we could make the Newt/Bolton connection, but other than that…Meanwhile, the climate fraudsters are hard at work, and have come up with their latest wealth redistribution agreement.

A United Nations climate conference in the AIDS wracked murder capital known as South Africa has concluded, and like other climate conferences, the issue centered around money.

This was basically an update to the expiring Kyoto Protocol, something George Bush pulled out of. Any nation that did sign on were legally binded to destroy themselves in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Of course, China and India weren’t on board then, and they weren’t on board this time either. Even they can recognize that this is a scam, but if they can pass themselves off as one of the poor countries designated in the agreement, there may be some money in it for them. It’s always about the money, and the U.N. always gives that away at some point. They have to if it’s a legally binding agreement.

The deal also set up the bodies that will collect, govern and distribute tens of billions of dollars a year to poor countries to help them adapt to changing climate conditions and to move toward low-carbon economic growth.

Remember, this is the same U.N. that wants $45 trillion to fight the scourge of global warming. Apparently, that tens of billions is annually.

Folks, it is the United States that is funding its own demise. We can turn the spigot off to the United Nations, although we won’t get any help from the Muslim in chief in the White House. The Republicans do hold the purse strings in congress though, and if they really wanted to pay for that payroll tax cut, they could go a long way towards doing that by gutting the U.N. budget. So far, nothing from the congress or any prodding from the presidential candidates.

India has already balked at the deal, meaning they won’t honor anything. If China goes the same way, that leaves Barack Obama to unilaterally destroy manufacturing and energy production in the United States, while simultaneously redistributing American tax dollars to regimes all over the world.

I wonder if they would ever let me moderate a presidential debate. I bet Newt wouldn’t be leading in the polls if I did, and John Huntsman wouldn’t even be a candidate. Until then, we’ll have to deal with the half-assed pre-screened questions that tell us almost nothing of how a candidate will conduct themselves as president.

3 comments to U.N. Climate Fraudsters Reach Latest Deal

  • And all we hear about in the press is the $10K bet of Romney at theSaturday night debate. Meanwhile, down the toilet we go. Makes sense.

  • I’m guessing at least some of the candidates are just fine with the way the media covers the non-stories. They can avoid taking a position-or giving it away.

  • Barb Hartwell

    Well how are you or they so sure climate change is not happening? I myself am not sure. It is something I`m sure everyone needs to comment cautiously since we only have one planet to live on. No politician wants to address too many controversial subjects as they need to try to get as many people on their side. I agree some times people go over board with restrictions but look at the past and how many people were harmed without restrictions. We need to have a good balance for everyone.

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