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Univision Slaps Obama Around

They’re still going to vote for him, but they just want him to know that la raza is not going to take no for an answer much longer. It all comes down to which candidate will set the table facilitating one of their own getting into the White House. Then you’ll see change that not even Obama could top.

Mitt Romney ran the gauntlet of open borders advocates the other day and came out virtually unscathed. They weren’t going to vote for him before, and they aren’t going to vote for him now. Barack Obama on the other hand, has the Latino vote locked up, so they’re much more interested in what he had to say. The Univision presidential forum took aim at Barack Obama this time, and after reading the transcript you can come to no other conclusion than Mitt Romney was right. There are those who aren’t going to vote for him no matter what. Get a load of this.

Univision started off with the Benghazi disaster, hammering Obama on the fact that security was so lax that an American ambassador and some of his staff were murdered and dragged through the streets. This was apparently before the regime changed their story and decided that this was now a terror attack. Here he still was talking about the movie trailer that no one has seen. He essentially had no excuse and uttered something that was very disturbing given recent events. He said his number one priority was to always keep our diplomats safe. I’m sure ambassador Steven’s would have taken great solace in that pronouncement. However, he never answered the original question. They let him off the hook.

Of course, the most important thing for this crowd was amnesty and they got to that quickly. Jorge Ramos reminded Obama that he promised amnesty comprehensive immigration reform in his first year.

I want to emphasize “the first year.” At the beginning of your governing, you had control of both chambers of Congress, and yet you did not introduce immigration reform. And before I continue, I want for you to acknowledge that you did not keep your promise.

Obama blathered that the economy was in free fall, and this, that and the other thing, and that he just didn’t have time. It sounded like he was talking to the Israeli Prime Minister. He even reworded Ramos’ question to suit him.

What I promised was that I would work every single day as hard as I can to make sure that everybody in this country, regardless of who they are, what they look like, where they come from, that they would have a fair shot at the American Dream. And I have — that promise I’ve kept.

He must have forgotten about Robert Reich’s statement that white males need not apply when referring to the disastrous stimulus bill. I was surprised Ramos let Obama put words in his mouth. Off the hook again.

He was asked about immigration reform chances now that the Dems would more than likely not have that supermajority again. Once again, Obama punted, the only thing he could do. There’s no freaking way he’ll sign an amnesty bill now. Not to say there won’t be amnesty, it just won’t be legal. He was also asked about being the regime with the largest number of deportations in history. Well, Judicial Watch has already exposed that fallacy, and so has Darrel Issa for that matter. Remember though, this was Obama slap around time. I’m sure Jorge Ramos and Maria Elena Salinas are well aware those deportation numbers are bogus. Barry’s answer sounded like something that came straight from Janet Napolitano herself. Basically, we’re deporting all kinds of people, just nobody you care about. They let him squrim out of it.

Here’s one that should have really pissed off the Univision faithful. He was asked about his illegal DREAM Act amnesty, and if it was just a stunt to win the Hispanic vote. Obama slapped back.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I think if you take a look at the polls, I was winning the Latino vote before we took that action — partly because the other side had completely abandoned their commitment to things like comprehensive immigration reform.

Yeah, I suck, but look at the other guy. FU.

They put him on the hot seat again, this time talking about Fast and Furious. Obama got Latinos killed. How would he weasel out of this? He lied of course and went to the old standby: It was Bush’s fault. Yes, he said Fast and Furious was started under Bush and Eric Holder killed the program after he found out about it. Anybody that knows anything about this scandal knows that is blatant lie, and Obama looked straight into the camera and lied. Don’t believe the myth that a liar can’t look you in the eye.

They brought up the fact the Obama used his presidential priviledge to make sure critical documents related to the scandal remained under lock and key. What did the liar Barry say? He says we’ve released most of them. The only documents that haven’t been released are the ones not relevant to the investigation. But he is willing to go to court to keep them a secret. He lied again, and they let him off the hook.

Finally they asked why there hasn’t been an independent investigation.

Q: Very briefly, talking about the same question — you know we have just one minute left. Why don’t just have an independent investigation? Because at the end of the day, it was just the Justice Department investigating its boss and saying that he’s not at fault. Why don’t we have — very briefly — independent investigation that is not from the Justice Department?

Barry thought the half-assed report from the IG was just fine. Darrel Issa said the IG’s report was good considering…he didn’t have those documents that Obama says are irrelevant. Again, he was let off the hook.

Of course they’re going to let him off the hook. But, they wanted him to know though that they could have easily destroyed him. I would have, but the Univision crowd is going to vote for Obama because for now, he’s their best chance at amnesty. Make no mistake though, Obama is under no illusion that when la raza has the votes, no Memin Penguin piece of shit like Barack Obama will ever soil the doorstep of the White House again. That’s just fine with Obama-as long as it’s after this election.

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