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Visit To Ground Zero

Sorry I’ve been neglecting this blog the last several weeks, but I’ve been putting in lots of overtime at work and I’m pretty beat at the end of the day. I’m not complaining though. In this economy I feel fortunate to have the opportunity. Just by chance I had to opportunity to be dispatched to New York for a few days, and was able to pay my respects at ground zero. I think every American should do the same if possible, and I feel fortunate that circumstances have allowed me to do so.
I was surprised at how far they have come along. I was expecting to see a large, empty lot basically. The new buildings are looking pretty good, although I thought about the Chinese glass that will be comprising the first 10 floors. Fortunately, I either didn’t see or didn’t notice the mosque that will be denigrating the area. If I had, I probably would have done something that would have gotten the attention of New York’s finest. And they were out in force.

While I was there I felt kind of tourist like with my camera among the flocks of tourists that were actually there, and it wasn’t until later back at the hotel that it hit me. The humanity, the tragedy that will forever mark that piece of ground. I’m not ashamed to say that it shook me. The phrase We will never forget are not just words to me. It’s clear that I haven’t forgotten, nor will I ever forget.

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  • I’ll never forget where I was that day. I’ll never make it to NY again but I felt what I think you felt when I visisted a concentration camp in southern Germany years ago. It’s a hollow sickly feeling. People need to understand that feeling.

  • admin

    I hear you Jim. I certainly didn’t go for the joy of it. It was just something-for myself, I needed to do.

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