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Voter Fraud Celebrated In Ohio

When we hear of the disenfranchised, and voter suppression, the story is that evil Republicans want to keep those that traditionally vote Democrat from voting. The story is that voter ID laws are so onerous, so imposing, that many voters would be denied the right to cast a ballot. Apparently, that isn’t the case in Ohio.

If you want to know why Democrats really oppose voter ID laws, you can look no further than a rally held in Ohio last week. A rally for an Ohio Voters’ Bill of Rights Ohio Constitutional amendment was held, with the keynote speaker being Al Sharpton. That raises a red flag right there. The rally was apparently put together by Sharpton’s National Action Network. It wasn’t Al that stole the show though. That distinction went to Melowese Richardson, fresh out of prison for voter fraud committed in 2012.

Richardson, 58, was convicted last spring of four counts of illegal voting. The charges say she twice voted in the 2012 election and voted three times in past elections on behalf of her sister, Montez Richardson, who has been in a coma since 2003.

Somehow, some way, activists convinced somebody, somewhere to let her out, citing a more fair sentence. Cincinnati National Action Network President Bobby Hilton singled her out and brought her on stage for a “welcome home.” She even got a hug from Sharpton. Not only a fraudster, but Richardson is apparently a violent drunk with a rap sheet that would make any thug proud. Good enough to be a Dem poll worker. Well, if criminals are good enough to man the Obamacare phone lines and peruse your personal information, then why not Melowese stuffing ballot boxes? Republicans are rightly outraged, and many made their feelings known via social media. There were also some Democrats that tried to distance themselves from the fiasco. The problem for them is that Dems are expected to march in lock step, so we don’t normally see this kind of public discord.

But the outrage expressed by Democrats was tepid at best, because they realize the mountains of evidence point to regular and recurring voter fraud at the hands of Democrats. Richardson is a hero among this current crop of leftists, because as I’ve said before, the end justifies the means. Alinsky would be proud.

Exposing voter fraud would be a full time job, and a thankless one at that. After all, just trying to prevent voter fraud on a national level will merit a response from the criminal Justice Department. We know what ACORN did in 2008. Darrel Issa documented it in a scathing report. The 2012 presidential elections had its share of questionable results, with the fact that millions of voters that would have voted against Barack Obama apparently stayed home on election day. We know Richardson didn’t stay home. She showed up multiple times. But this is just one person. How many more? We go back to ACORN. We know there are more. And although there are Republicans showing their indignation with this incident, they are silent overall, save a few-very few that are sounding the alarm. This is just the national level. Imagine how many local elections are rigged and will never be investigated. The time, money and resources would be tremendous. Making any real headway would also result in a visit from the Justice Department. We saw that with states attempting to implement voter ID laws and trying to purge illegitimate voters from their rolls. the JD tried to block both. Luckily there are groups like Judicial Watch telling states to find a way to get it done.

Right now Hillary looks like a lock in 2016. She could probably do it legitimately, but why take the chance? With goons like Melowese Richardson in her corner, she’s almost a shoo-in.

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