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Voter Fraud in High Gear

With the senate slipping away from the Democrats, these have become desperate times, not just for the endangered senators, but Democrats at all levels of government. But they have faced desperate times before and the game plan now is the same as what the game plan was then. Voter fraud has reared its ugly head this election cycle, and no surprise it is occurring in Barack Obama’s old stomping grounds, Chicago.

Like a repeating ACORNian nightmare, election time means fraud time, and the Democrats are kings of the practice. Republican candidate for state representative Jim Moynihan was casting a vote for himself on Monday, he was shocked to find that the electronic voting machine cast the ballot for his Democrat opponent instead. In fact, the machine cast votes for Democrats only.

Moynihan quickly alerted an election official and he was able to presumably cast a legitimate ballot. Presumably. In the land where the dead regularly vote, the incident was characterized as a “calibration error” by a county election official.

“This was a calibration error of the touch-screen on the machine,” Scalzitti told Illinois Watchdog. “When Mr. Moynihan used the touch-screen, it improperly assigned his votes due to improper calibration.”

While the recently deposed Eric Holder cites voter suppression and various race baiters cry foul for any attempt to address the issue, the facts speak for themselves. Just a glitch you say? Just an isolated incident? Try to convince the voters of Maricopa County, Arizona. Ballot stuffing was caught on video, and the group committing the fraud has the audacity to hide behind the law to justify the fraud. The group had the right to deliver the ballots to a polling place, but nowhere in the law does it say they can actually stuff those ballots in the box. Another isolated incident? James O’Keefe is in Colorado right now, and he begs to disagree. The man that broke ACORN into a million pieces is showing how easy it is to cheat in the Mile High state.

How are Dems allowed to get away with this kind of fraud again and again? Have you heard a word from Republicans, the ones getting the short end of this fraud? Well, not as short as the American people. This is still a center-right nation and it makes no numerical sense that the Democrats can be in charge of anything. Well, it makes no sense until you dig just beneath the surface.

You hear non-voters decry the fact that their vote does not count. They may have something there. It may count though. It should most definitely count, but America has descended to a point where your vote might count. We know what the Dems are. We know of the ineptitude of the Republicans. That leaves the American people to take up the slack. Are there enough of us left? The numbers say yes. Democrats are working on that though, and for them, so far, so good.

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