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WTC Topped Off With Islamic Minaret

824-DxACu.Em.55For us Americans that still remain in this country, expect to see the fall of the United States in a way we never could have imagined. Losing the country is devastating enough, but the manner in which it is happening just adds insult to injury. But I digress. I said the Americans that still remain in this country. That pool is shrinking every day, but those of us left here at the end of the road will have to watch the transformation of what America is to become.

There are many groups that would love nothing more than to either take a chunk out of the United States, or just take it, period. A few groups come to mind immediately, one of them being hardcore Islamists. No doubt the concept of the islamization of the United States was being discussed long before 9-11. We can go through the names and faces in the Islamic world that worked and are currently working towards that end, but along the way they are able to enlist the help of sympathizers, dhimmis as they are known to help them with their dream. We have the Flight 93 Memorial in Pennsylvania in the shape of an Islamic crescent, built to point straight at Mecca, as does every mosque. The memorial has 44 blocks in honor of those that died that day. 40 passengers and-4 hijackers. That is correct, 44 blocks.

We then had the ground zero mosque plans, known as Cordoba House, a reference to conquering of the Spanish city of Cordoba, viewed by many Muslims as one of the greatest chapters in Muslim history. Yes, there were howls of protest, but in liberal saturated New York, not nearly enough.

Now we have one of the ugliest, if not the most insulting pieces in this Islamic caliphate. The nearly completed WTC at ground zero is being topped off with a spiral, which looks very similar exactly like an Islamic minaret, the spiral that tops every mosque. A minaret is a symbol of power and dominance in the Muslim world, and now one sits atop ground zero.

When the Muslim takeover is complete-and that is the plan if you believe groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, that building will become the biggest mosque in Western hemisphere, maybe even the world. So far, not even a whimper of outrage. Well, maybe that’s because I’m just being Islamaphobic, being cynical, looking at things through an intolerant lens. Maybe, you tell me. That spiral looks exactly like a classic Islamic minaret. I invite anyone to tell me how wrong I am about this. If warranted, I will freely admit I’m wrong and post it right here. Look at the photo of a minaret juxtaposed with what is topping the WTC. The point will be added later this week. Tell me how wrong I am.

wtc minaret

7 comments to WTC Topped Off With Islamic Minaret

  • Perfect! Absolutely disgusting but I am not surprised at all!

  • I can’t see how that could be just a coincidence.

  • Dean Tyler

    Okay, it looks like a minaret – and not a very pretty one at that. And your gif looks like a stylized swastika. ‘K?

  • matt p.

    “If It Looks Like A Duck..”, Oh! You Know This Saying Too?

  • Michael Rood

    The antenna atop OWTC looks similar, but NO it’s not a minaret. No doubt, moslems will spread wild rumors about this being a symbol of our demise. However, here’s why these are not minarets.
    Illiterate moslems have always relied upon symbolism, because they don’t allow education, or enlightenment of subject’s inside countries already conquered by islam even to this very day. Minarets always have FIVE stations where prayers can be offered depending upon the prayer calendar. Five stations, because there are FIVE tenets, or obligations for loyal moslems. I won’t go into them here, because islam and moslems are repugnant bullies. Their’s is a gutter religion full of excuses to give into the worst human impulses and desires.

    Before the IRS audits me for another five years in a row, let me leave you with these truths. They will make you feel slightly better about our situation. First, always call them moslems, despite what the PC crowd tells you. In arabic, moslems are ‘evil mercenaries’; while using their new spelling muslims get a much needed bath and emerge as ‘holy warriors of god’ So, by all means call these cowardly rapists, thieves and pedophiles moslems. Never capitalize islam, or moslem except at the beginning of a sentence. Second, don’t give ground in any location to a moslem, or to a group of moslems especially if they are traveling in groups. Look at what happened after they murdered the British soldier in front of dozens of witnesses. The British people have been so beaten down by PC laws and hate speech BS they’re intimidated by all things islamic. That’s how terrorism works folks, a small minority conquers a huge majority due to the complete lack of resolve and leadership at the top of government. Third, islam’s not the fastest growing anything, but maybe criminal gang inside prisons. The Saudi’s have been spending billions annually to employ Madison Avenue Ad Agencies to show the West that islam’s a peaceful growing religion. Both of these ideas are lies and deception. Finally, look at the Arab Spring, it’s gutting every nation where it seize’s power over more productive a stable ruler’s. Egypt, Pakistan, Syria, Libya Algeria, Morocco are all basket cases. People are starving and desperate to immigrate out and leave allah’s bussom. leave.

  • Steve

    One rented or otherwise helicopter and a fifty five gallon drum of warm (liquefied) pork lard. Checkmate.

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